Now that we’ve completed our “spring cleaning” with Flat Bootstrap v1.9, we’d like to get feedback from all of you as to what our priorities should be moving forward as well as specific requests for features and enhancements. Of course, I have ideas and will share some here, but would like to understand what is… Read More

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on complete redesign of and have final finished it and rolled it out. I sure hope you like it! The theme is more modern, fully responsive, with “flat” look and color scheme. It uses two great looking open-source fonts of various weights. Perhaps even more… Read More

XtremelySocial Website Screenshot

I have finally rolled out a new fully-responsive website theme that is optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing. The new site automatically reformats itself based on the width of the browser or mobile device. So it should look great whether you are accessing it with an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile device. The… Read More

Facebook changed the way developers have to publish to user’s “stream”, so I had to update the code here on to get comment publishing to Facebook working again. Please feel free to comment at will! If you don’t have  a particular article in mind that you want to comment on, feel free to use… Read More

I am happy to announce that we have made some nice enhancements and fixed some issues with displaying your Facebook stream and friend’s walls here on   Facebook updated their stream API’s yet again which broke the individual wall pages. Only public posts were being displayed even if you were friends with that person.… Read More

We are happy to announce that we are now publishing news about the social networking industry on our website. We are hand-picking the best articles about social networking from around the Web. We are covering news and trends with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other important news that effects the social networking community. We are… Read More is all about community! You can log into our website with your Facebook login information and see which of your friends are members of our site, what comments they are making on our articles, and invite your Facebook friends to check out our site. Now you can even view your full Facebook friend activity… Read More

One of the great features with this site is that you can log in with your Facebook user ID and password. No need to register with yet another website! You can also post your comments on this site to your Facebook news stream, if you would like. You can see a list of your Facebook… Read More