XtremelySocial.com is owned by Tim Nicholson who builds cool WordPress Themes and websites.

I love everything related to technology and social-networking. I have  a degree in business information systems and have been working in the technology industry for over 25 years. I started off programming but worked my way into leading consulting organizations. I’m now in consulting services sales for a software company. I miss programming, so I spend my free time building applications and websites.

Before writing Facebook applications and running XtremelySocial.com, I ran the PalmZone.net website for many years. It had grown to several thousand registered users and 1 million page views per month! Of course Palm has since went the way of the dodo bird and I shut the site down. I’m avid Apple user these days!

Feel free to contact me at tim@xtremelysocial.com  or post on our Community Wall. I’m always very grateful to receive feedback!

Our WordPress Themes

I have created a theme based on WordPress’ own standard theme combined with Twitter’s Bootstrap to create the ultimate flexibility in themes, but without the bloat of other theme “frameworks”. I have created several “child” themes based on the excellent theme designs from Blacktie.co.

See our WordPress Themes and Plugins page.

Our Facebook Applications

I have also created several Facebook applications, although I have decided to move away from that and focus on my WordPress themes. My Facebook apps let you do things like add additional sections to your Facebook Pages, view and update your status, etc.

See our Facebook Applications page.

Our Site Members

Site Members – See a list of active site members. When you click on a member, you will be taken to their profile page that has any public information they filled out on their profile on this site.


For example, here is my profile page: Tim Nicholson

Write on Our Community Wall

Our Community Wall – Our wall is just like the wall on Facebook. In fact, you can even publish your comment over to your Facebook stream to share with your friends. Feel free to use it like a guestbook or to provide feedback about our website.

Recent Site News

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