I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on complete redesign of XtremelySocial.com and have final finished it and rolled it out. I sure hope you like it! The theme is more modern, fully responsive, with “flat” look and color scheme. It uses two great looking open-source fonts of various weights.

Perhaps even more importantly, I have built a core WordPress theme behind it that is currently in review by the WordPress team for inclusion on WordPress.org. I’ll be quickly releasing a child theme for users to customize the theme and another one for developers that strips out all the “extra” features to use as a “framework” for their own themes.

XtremelySocial website screenshot
XtremelySocial website screenshot

One of the best things about the theme is that even though it looks very different from most WordPress themes, its built on the standard WordPress core starter theme (_S) that TwentyTen through TwentyFourteen (and beyond) uses.  So you already know exactly how to use it! Then it  integrates the Bootstrap CSS framework so you can add all kinds of cool content, such as tabbed sections, collapsing sections, colored messages, colored panels, etc.

Check out our Flat Bootstrap theme page and Theme Shortcodes page. I’ll be adding lots more screenshots, feature lists, and information on how to use theme shortly. I’ll also be sure to let you all know once the theme is approved for download.

In addition, we made these additional changes to the site:

  • Cleaned up and simplified the blog. Got rid of almost all of the curated social-networking news articles except for just the top 10 most viewed. The blog now focuses on our Facebook apps, WordPress themes, and tips on using Facebook and WordPress. More focus means a better experience on the site.
  • Started using Shareaholic’s related content plugin to show you interesting articles and pages related to whatever you are currently viewing on the site. I hope you’ll find some new and interesting things while you are here.
  • Changed the style on social-sharing icons and user profile pictures throughout the site. They are all round and flat now.
  • Changed the URL’s for the main blog and categories. Nothing you need to worry about except that Google is going to be out of date until it re-indexes the site. I decided against redirecting from the old URL’s since all content pages and individual blog posts are still at the same locations.