Link is an adaptation of the “Link” theme by for WordPress. It is a modern, fully responsive, “flat” style theme with a nice color palette, big full-width images, and full-width colored sections. The navigation is a toggle menu fixed to the top of the page. When clicked, the menu flies in from the right. It also lets you add your social media links.

The Link theme is a child theme for Flat Bootstrap.

It automatically adapts for desktops, tablets, and phones. It is based on the standard WordPress starter theme (_S) and the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework. The theme was inspired by the HTML/CSS themes from and color schemes from’s flat UI.

Features include a fixed toggle menu, multiple columns (grid), buttons, icons, labels, badges, tabbed content areas, collapsible content areas, progress bars, alert boxes, carousels (sliders) and much, much more.

This theme is designed to have a “static” home page and so when previewing the theme and when you first install it, a sample page is displayed. The theme is perfect for showcasing products or photos with a midnight blue page header.

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive theme that changes layouts for desktop, tablets, and phones
  • Navbar fixed to the top of the page for easy navigation
  • Modern, “flat” style theme with beautiful color palette
  • Big full-width featured images on any page
  • Full-width colored sections
  • Hundreds of icons from Bootstrap and Font Awesome
  • Variable column footer with 1 to 4 columns

WordPress Features Supported

custom-background, custom-header, custom-menu, featured-image-header, featured-images, flexible-header, fluid-layout, full-width-template, left sidebar, light, one-column, responsive-layout, right sidebar, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready

Page Templates

  • Full-width page with colored page header
  • Full-width page without page header
  • Full-width page with three (3) most recent posts (in columns on desktop)
  • Page with right sidebar (default)
  • Page with left sidebar
  • Page without sidebar
  • Site Index with search, pages, categories, tags, and recent posts listings

We’ve even included the ability to have individual posts be full-width as well.


Our “shortcodes” aren’t really shortcodes… you simply use the standard Bootstrap markup, such as < div class=”whatever”>. If you really like shortcodes instead, you can download either of these plugins. They both work just fine with this theme.

  • Colored buttons
  • Colored message boxes (alerts)
  • Tabbed content areas
  • Collapsible content areas
  • Sliders (carousels)
  • Everything else that the Bootstrap CSS framework has to offer!

Sample Usage

Link Theme Sample

Demo and Download This Theme

Demo this theme Demo

Download this theme from the Theme Directory Download

More Information

Be sure to check out How to Use Our WordPress Themes and our Theme “Shortcodes” Page. You can also check out other other themes that should be ready for release soon as well on our WordPress Themes page.

78 responses to “Link Bootstrap WordPress Theme”

  1. This is an amazing theme! I have only one issue with it so far: i’m using this theme on my github webpage and the lato and raleway fonts are not being displayed. Can you help me?

    • I’ve not yet built out a “pretty” (HTML) page for my github. Those fonts load directly from Google’s servers, though. Can you check what kind of error message you are getting in the browser? Take a look at the functions.php file in the parent Flat Bootstrap theme.

  2. Good day

    Just installed your theme and it looks great, however i just have one question.How can i remove or disable the bottom page sidebar .i want to remove the following , social sites links,map,address,call to action and the awesome clients section.

    I just want to remain with the header and have that for all my pages.?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi, thank you for this theme. It is cool avec clean but I have a problem.
    I don’t find how can I change my home page. I will add a preview of my post for example but I don’t find the right folder. I create a new page .php who’s name “Home” with the “page-fullwidht” propriety but when I add a test text it’s doesn’t work. So I don’t understand how it’s work. How can I change my home page ? How does it work ?

    Sorry for my english ! I don’t speak very well.

    Thanks you for answer me,

    • If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, you shouldn’t have to mess with any .php files. The ability to set a page as your home page instead of your blog is built into WordPress. See here. Then if you set the page to “page-fullwidth” (or “page-nosidebar”), our theme will alter the layout of that “static” home page.

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