Flat Blocks WordPress Theme

Modern, responsive, “flat” style theme

Full Site Editing

Easily swap out the header, footer, and blog layouts or make whatever specific changes you want to anything on your site

Flat Blocks Theme Screenshot
Flat Blocks WordPress Theme

Advanced Features

Beautiful “flat” color palette

Tons of block patterns

Page patterns to quickly build your site

Numerous header and footer layouts

Flat Blocks is a modern “flat” style theme with a nice color palette, full and wide width support, and support for the new “Full Site Editing” in WordPress.

It is based on the new WordPress Block Theme system and extends its features with numerous templates, patterns, fonts, and styles. The theme colors, fonts, and patterns were inspired by our own Flat Bootstrap theme, but using all the latest WordPress technologies.

Theme Features

  • Full-Site Editing theme that allows you to swap out headers, footers, blog layouts, etc.
  • Modern, “flat” style theme with beautiful color palette with over two dozen colors
  • Over a dozen different headers, a dozen different footers, and four blog layouts to choose from
  • A dozen fonts to choose from, both “web safe” (already installed on all common browsers) and google fonts (loaded locally for performance)
  • Over two dozen Block Patterns that you can easily insert into your pages
  • Over twenty Page Templates to get just the right look and feel for your pages and posts
  • Fully responsive theme that changes layouts for desktop, tablets, and phones
  • Big full-width cover/featured images on any page
  • Full-width colored sections

WordPress Features Supported

  • custom-background
  • custom-header
  • custom-menu
  • featured-image-header
  • featured-images
  • flexible-header
  • fluid-layout
  • full-width-template
  • full-site-editing
  • right sidebar 
  • light 
  • one-column
  • two-column
  • responsive-layout
  • rtl-language-support
  • sticky-post
  • theme-options
  • threaded-comments
  • translation-ready

Tons of Block Patterns for your page content

Columns, buttons, icons, labels, badges, tabbed and collapsible areas, progress bars, carousels (sliders) and more!

  • Buttons Call to Action
  • Buttons Call to Action 2 Columns
  • Features 2 Columns
  • Features 3 Columns
  • Features 4 Columns
  • Map and Address
  • Pricing Table 3 Columns
  • Pricing Table 4 Columns
  • Recents Posts 3 Columns
  • Social Media 3 Columns
  • Social Media 4 Columns
  • Team 3 People
  • Team 4 People
  • Cover with Scroll to Content
  • Cover with Site Title and Tagline Scroll to Content
  • Cover with Title and Excerpt Scroll to Content
  • Cover with Title Scroll to Content
  • Computer Screen Title and Text
  • Image Gallery
  • Image with Left and Right Text
  • About Page
  • Home Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Services Page
  • Social Icons Huge
  • Title and Subtitle with Background Image
  • Title and Subtitle
  • Title and Text

Page Templates

  • 404 (not found)
  • Archive (blog)
  • Author (archive)
  • Index (blog)
  • Page Content Only
  • Page Featured Cover Image
  • Page Featured Image
  • Page Home
  • Page No Comments
  • Page No Title No Comments
  • Page No Title
  • Page Sidebar Left
  • Page Sidebar Right
  • Site Site Map (Search, categories, and recent posts )
  • Page
  • Search
  • Single Content Only
  • Single Featured Image
  • Single No Title No Comments
  • Single No Title
  • Single Sidebar Left
  • Single Sidebar Right
  • Single

Template Parts

  • Footers
    • 3 Blocks | Nav Menu | Social
    • 3 Blocks | Nav Menu | Text | Social
    • About | 3 Nav Menus | Text
    • About | 3 Nav Menus
    • Blocks 3 Columns (Recent Posts, Recent Comments, About)
    • Menu | Site Info
    • Contact Info | Blocks 3 Columns
    • Background Color
    • Light 
    • Default (Recent Posts, Recent Comments, About and Menu and Site credits)
    • Static Map and Address
    • Jetpack Map and Address
    • Motto | Social Icons
    • Social Icons | Contact Information
  • Headers
    • Centered
    • Centered No Tagline
    • Colored Background
    • Compact Fixed to Top
    • Compact Logo Only
    • Compact Logo Only Fixed to Top
    • Compact
    • Dark Background
    • Dark Background Fixed to Top
    • Default (Logo & Site Title, Nav Menu)
    • Default with Tagline
    • Left Align no Tagline
    • Mobile Nav Only Fixed to Top
  • Query Loops (Blog Layouts)
    • 1 Column
    • Default (2 Columns)
    • Sidebar Left
    • Sidebar Right

Why We Wrote this Theme

We have been super excited about full-site editing capability in WordPress and have been actively working on this theme since it was in the early beta periods and finally released in WordPress v5.9. We wanted a modern replacement to our Flat Bootstrap theme that would have similar features while using only the core WordPress block editor. This theme focuses on a large flat color palettes with full-width colored sections that offer tons of block patterns and headers, footers, and blog layouts. 

We developed this theme to be unique in these key ways:

  1. It is based on the WordPress core themes Twenty Twenty Two and Blockbase, so you are already familiar with the technology or will learn it in a standard way that applies to many other themes.
  2. It is designed to be a modern, “flat” (or technically “almost flat”) theme with full-width colored sections and full-width images. This really brings your content alive and allows the reader to focus on that content instead of the theme itself.
  3. It is open source and completely free even though it offers many features common in “premium” (paid) themes.

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