I’m very happy to announce that I have submitted the Flat Bootstrap WordPress theme to WordPress.org and it is currently being reviewed for inclusion in the theme directory. The new theme here on XtremelySocial.com is based on Flat Bootstrap and is very flexible for users and developers. In addition, I have two child themes for… Read More

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on complete redesign of XtremelySocial.com and have final finished it and rolled it out. I sure hope you like it! The theme is more modern, fully responsive, with “flat” look and color scheme. It uses two great looking open-source fonts of various weights. Perhaps even more… Read More

Whenever you update your WordPress site to a new version or mass update multiple plugins at the same time, WordPress automatically places your site in “maintenance mode”. In this tutorial, I’ll show you to how to easily make an awesome “theme” that gets displayed instead of the blank white page that just says the site… Read More

Facebook changed the way developers have to publish to user’s “stream”, so I had to update the code here on XtremelySocial.com to get comment publishing to Facebook working again. Please feel free to comment at will! If you don’t have  a particular article in mind that you want to comment on, feel free to use… Read More

This article will show you how to create a special page in WordPress that lists your most popular content. I had enhanced another plugin’s code to allow you to easily do this and he has already incorporated into the latest version! I have no idea why Wordpess doesn’t simply include the number of page views… Read More

Regardless of whether you are running a simple personal blog or using WordPress as a full-featured corporate content management system (CMS), you should seriously consider adding all of these plugins. These plugins help you control spam, optimize your site for search engines, track site visits and other metrics, allow you to display related posts throughout… Read More