Flat Bootstrap v1.7 has been approved by WordPress.org and is ready to download. It includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Highlights include fixes for page titles, language translations, and more.

Flat Bootstrap WordPress Theme Screenshot


Flat Bootstrap Version 1.7 Release Notes

  • Increased the font size for the extra large icon (“icon-xlg”) to 72px (was 50px). Reduced padding to 5px for that as well as the large icon (“icon-lg”).
  • Added support for the new title tag (<title>) introduced in WordPress v4.1. It enhances consistency across all WordPress themes for plugins that modify the output of the page title.
  • Added two new utility functions to look for files first in the child theme directory before looking in the parent. This allows you to copy down more files into your child directory to edit them.
  • Removed bottom margin on alignment CSS tags (alignleft, alighright, aligncenter). This provides more flexibility as margins (or padding) can be added with other CSS tags.
  • Finally completely squashed that pesky bug where a bogus page subtitle was sometimes displaying on blog pages.
  • Rewrote the Footer widget area logic to more reliably handle from 1 to 4 widgets. Specifically, 4 widgets now collapses to 2 rows of 2 widgets on tablets without causing any display issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Jetpack Carousel plugin, when activated, was getting messed up by the Bootstrap “thumbnail” CSS class. You are now free to use that plugin feature without issues!
  • Fixed the “code” tag (<code>) so that it doesn’t cause extra line-breaks. You can now use it when you want it to display inline. As always, use the “pre” tag (<pre>) when you want it to appear as a block on its own.
  • Added text domain to TGM Activation Plugin Recommendations and fixed text domain on the site credits to allow translation
  • Fixed a bug where the default sidebar widgets were displaying when a language translation was made on the sidebar name itself. Now the user-added widgets display instead like they should!

Also, v1.8 is submitted to WordPress.org for review and should be released soon. The big news there is a brand new home page widget area, which works both on static pages as well as if you have the blog as your home page. We’ve also been working on v1.9 already as well. That version refactors some CSS and functions to make it easier to create child themes that are more different than the parent theme. Stay tuned!