We’ve added some great new features to My Places, such as displaying comments and likes on checkins and allowing you to add comments. We’ve also added the ability to search nearby places. You can key in an address and choose how many miles you want to search within and it will show all the Facebook… Read More

I am happy to announce the release of our newest Facebook application, My Places. It shows you all your past Facebook Places Checkins and recent checkins from your friends. You can also click on a friend or place and view the full checkin history. My Places — View your Facebook Places Checkins and Your Friend’s… Read More

Yesterday I implemented major updates to the My Status application to provide quite a bit more Twitter functionality. The new version should have slightly better performance, now lets you retweet and reply to Twitter messages,  now shows  a dynamic character counter as you type, and more. Here’s a full list of the enhancements: Moved the… Read More

We are happy to announce that due to popular demand, we have rolled out a major update to My Status so that it works with Facebook pages. This means page administrators can easily update all of their page’s statuses from a single application. It allows allows each Facebook page to be connected to separate Twitter… Read More

Due to changes to permissions and authorization by both Twitter and Facebook, you will need to re-authorize both applications. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we have no choice. Just hit the button in My Status to authorize Facebook and then click the Authorize Twitter link if you want to view and update your Twitter… Read More

If you have been checking out the My Info app page on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I have been hinting that new custom tab names are coming soon. I have done most of the work on this already and am starting to want a few heavy users to try them out and provide feedback… Read More

In order to help you prepare for Facebook’s new narrower custom profile tabs starting August 23rd, 2010,  I have updated My Info to now let you preview custom tabs in either the new narrow 520px layout or the old wider 760px format. This should help you get your custom tab set up nicely for the… Read More

We have updated My Greetings to support sending an icon-based greeting to multiple Facebook friends at the same time. Its a great way to hit up a bunch of friends at once about your favorite sports team kicking butt or wishing happy holidays to your friends and family.   Our long-time users will remember that… Read More

Whenever you update your WordPress site to a new version or mass update multiple plugins at the same time, WordPress automatically places your site in “maintenance mode”. In this tutorial, I’ll show you to how to easily make an awesome “theme” that gets displayed instead of the blank white page that just says the site… Read More

Facebook changed the way developers have to publish to user’s “stream”, so I had to update the code here on XtremelySocial.com to get comment publishing to Facebook working again. Please feel free to comment at will! If you don’t have  a particular article in mind that you want to comment on, feel free to use… Read More