XtemelySocial.com is all about community! You can log into our website with your Facebook login information and see which of your friends are members of our site, what comments they are making on our articles, and invite your Facebook friends to check out our site. Now you can even view your full Facebook friend activity stream on our site.

  • Site Members — See which Facebook friends are using our site as well as who are all the members of our website.
  • Member Profiles – Each site member has a profile that pulls information from both this site and Facebook. When you click on a user’s profile picture, you will be taken to a profile page with their current Facebook status and other information. For example, here is my profile page: Tim_XtremelySocial
  • Your Facebook Friends — See all of your Facebook friends and their current status message, regardless of whether they use this site or not.
  • Your Facebook Friend Activity Stream — See all your friend’s activities (news) just like your home page on Facebook itself.
  • Our Wall — Our Wall is just like the wall on Facebook. Feel free to use it like a guestbook or to provide feedback about our website. You can optionally post your comments back to your Facebook news stream to share them with your friends.
  • Invite Friends — Invite your Facebook friends to check out our website.
  • More Features Coming Soon – Our vision is to continue to provide even more connectivity and integration with Facebook and eventually connectivity with Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

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