My Info: Custom Tabs lets you place any HTML in a custom tab on your Facebook business or fan page. It fully supports the new Facebook “timeline” layout. Add images and links, even certain music and video files. It’s the most flexible way to get more information on your Facebook page! Works great for Welcome pages!

Note that Facebook is requiring all apps to be completely written to use their new API’s and I haven’t had the time to do it. Existing users of My Info: Custom Tabs should be able to continue using it, but new users can’t authorize the app.

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Application Features

  • Place any text, HTML, images, flash movies, and other media on your profile
  • Add javascript and even Facebook social plugins to your tab
  • Supports full-width custom tabs on your pages
  • Fully updated for the new “timeline” page format
  • Add up to five (5) tabs to your page
  • Change the tab name and icon to whatever you want

Note that Facebook has removed the ability to customize personal profiles in any way. We used to support this, but it’s no longer allowed.

Additional Screenshot

My Info: Custom Tabs Main Screen
My Info: Custom Tabs Main Screen

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12 responses to “My Info: Custom Tabs (Shut Down)”

  1. Umaporn Thongtree Avatar

    hi Tim—
    the Additional Screenshot above has no “timeline tab”– how can i get rid of it on my page?

    after adding custom tabs using your app i’m able to make to manage the tabs within facebook by reordering them so the top 4 tabs and a “more tab” are the 5 main tabs on my page.

    the “timeline tab” cannot be reordered however—-
    is there any way to reorder the timeline tab so it appears further down the list— and then under the “more tab”?
    as mentioned— the Additional Screenshot above has no “timeline tab”– how can i get rid of it?
    thanks in advance!

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      Hi, the screenshot is not of the main Facebook page but of the specific custom tab itself. You can move your custom tabs anywhere after Timeline and About. Facebook won’t let you move them before those two tabs.

  2. Tim Nicholson Avatar

    Bob, you can remove tabs by going to your page itself. Click the down arrow to the right of your tab icons. Then hover over any tab and you’ll see a little pencil icon appear. Click that and you can remove the tab. You’ll also see an option to move to the tab to another location.

  3. Bob Schaffer Avatar

    If I added a wrong tab to my FB fan page by mistake, how do I remove it? Also, in order to move the tabs from one spot to another, is it just drag and drop?

  4. Warren Lee Cahill Avatar

    so how do i actually get this app to my facebook without being diverted somewhere else? 🙂

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      Hi, Warren. Go to the My Info app and then click on “Add tab to my page” in the upper right hand corner. That should add the tab in a new browser tab and then redirect you to your page so you can see it. Remember that you can re-arrange the custom tabs so the ones you want are visible to your users without them having to click the “more” button on your page.

  5. Craig Kusmierski Avatar

    INFO TABS are not working on facebook anymore for me… I just get this…

    This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Firefox to connect
    securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.
    Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.

    What Should I Do?

    If you usually connect to
    this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
    trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.

    Technical Details uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
    The certificate is only valid for Parallels Panel

    (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)

    And I cannot tell it to trust it,… anyone know whats going on with this?

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      I fixed this. It was an issue with the SSL certificate when migrating from the old, crashed server to the new one. Sorry for that.

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      Yes, that should be very easy to do with My Info. If its for a fan page, though, Facebook makes it a little non-intuitive with how to do it. Go to the main My Info Facebook page and click “Add to my page”. Then select your page.

      Once you’ve added the app to your page and you are in the My Info application, click on the page that you want to edit the custom tab text for. Then click on “Custom Tab”. Then just enter whatever text you want.

      You can use HTML for headings, bold font, etc. I have written a Help page to get folks started with some of the most common HTML formatting commands.

      Once you’ve got some text in there, you should see a button at the top of the My Info screen to create the custom tab on the fan page.

  6. Familia Do Alemão Avatar

    HI there, Can I have some help? I’m trying to get a custom tab for a fan page, like photos and biography, something like this one:!/pages/Jorge-Lorenzo-Official-Fan-Page/265283315810?ref=ts
    Please, I’m trying to find this for LOOOONG time!
    Hope you can help me!Thanks!

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