Tired of having to authorize yet another poke or gifting application just to get a hug, beer, or Christmas ornament from someone? Forget about it! My Greetings is a single application that does all that and more. Plus, your friends don’t ever have to authorize anything to see your greetings.

Please note that this application is no longer in service. Facebook shut down the API’s that it used, so it no longer works.

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My Greetings allows you to do things to your friends, such as send them a drink or tell them you love them. These are posted to your wall and your friends’ walls. Your friend will receive a notification, just like if you had Poked them. The application keeps track of all the greetings and you can display them on your profile. The new Facebook Wall and Boxes tabs are fully supported.

Currently there are over 400 different gretings icons/actions that you can send to your friends, including smilies, love, holiday greetings, birthday, drinks, cute critters, all major NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA team logos, and many more!

The vision for My Greetings is to provide enough functionality that it becomes THE poke/gifting application that you use all the time, rather than having to sign up for multiple applications.

Application Features

  • Post your mood using icons to own your profile for all your friends to see
  • Send icons to your friend’s walls for all their friends to see
  • Over 400 icons to choose from!
  • Your friends DO NOT need to add this application for you to use it! That means NO SPAM!
  • All icons are available immediately. NO NEED TO UNLOCK ICONS by spamming your friends! Use it how you want, when you want.
  • Full support for the built-in Facebook profile publisher
  • Add your recent greetings recieved to your profile via a small box on your wall or info tab or even a full-sized custom profile tab
  • Icons for holidays, birthdays, special occasions
  • Icons for cute critters
  • Icons for adult beverages, like beer and liquor (only to be used if of legal drinking age)
  • Icons for all NCAA colleges
  • Icons for all MLB baseball teams
  • Icons for all NFL football teams
  • Icons for all NHL hockey teams

I love this application!

5 out of 5 stars


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