Our Facebook Apps (Shut Down)

Our Facebook applications: My Info, My Greetings, My Places, My Status

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We create cool Facebook apps that people love. They are all free, including the one that let’s you add custom tabs to your Facebook page. Be sure to check them all out.

Note that Facebook is requiring all apps to be completely written to use their new API’s and I haven’t had the time to do it. Existing users of My Info: Custom Tabs should be able to continue using it, but new users can’t authorize the app. All of my other apps appear to be mostly broken. I apologize for this, but Mark Zuckerburg’s motto of “move fast and break things” makes it practically impossible for developers to keep up.

  • My Places (Shut Down)

    My Places (Shut Down)

    My Places on Facebook View your Facebook Places checkins View checkins on the desktop Checkins normally only display on your mobile device, but now you…

  • XtremelySocial App (Shut Down)

    XtremelySocial App (Shut Down)

    The XtremelySocial app lets you view your Facebook news stream and friend’s walls “the old way” as opposed to the new “timeline” view. Posts are shown in a single column sorted from newest to oldest. You can filter by type of post, such as just showing status updates or photo posts.

  • My Status (Shut Down)

    My Status (Shut Down)

    My Status shows you all your past Facebook status updates and lets you easily update your status or like or comment on past statuses.

  • My Greetings (Shut Down)

    My Greetings (Shut Down)

    My Greetings for Facebook lets you share your mood and greetings to your friends. There are over 400 icons to choose from, including birthdays, holidays, drinks, all major sports teams, and more.

  • My Info: Custom Tabs (Shut Down)

    My Info: Custom Tabs (Shut Down)

    My Info lets you place any HTML in a custom tab on your Facebook business or fan page. It fully supports the new Facebook “timeline” layout. Add images and links, even certain music and video files. It’s the most flexible way to get more information on your Facebook page! Works great for Welcome pages!


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