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  1. Hi Tim, I really like your Link theme and would want to use it.
    I am no pro and I am desperately trying to change the color of the cover-image h1 in the style css. It doesn´t work! How can I change it?


    • It’s always best to use your Browser developer tools to inspect an element you want to change. In this case its “.cover-image h1”, so in CSS you can change it to black (or whatever) with:
      .cover-image h1 { color: black; }

  2. Tim:
    I am using the Spot theme and generally it works great (when it doesn’t work great it is usually something that I am not doing.) However, I have been trying to change the Sidebar from the right side to the left side and not locating the menu to accomplish this. I appreciate your help.


  3. Hi,
    I’ve translated the Flat Bootstrap theme to dutch language. But not every translation is picked up. For example the text of “required/recommended plugins” installation and activations stays in English. What I’m doing wrong. Other thing are translated like “theme powered by” “call to action” etc. Other question is can I send my translation to someone so its in the next version?

  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for the awesome free Link template. Once I have finised making my site using your template, I definately would like to make a donation to you. I am completly new at this and I am in the learning phase of building a website with any sort of template. Is there a tutorial availabe for your Link template. I cannot figure out how to change the “page bottom” and the “footer”. Any help will be most appreciated.

  5. Hi Tim,

    I am using the Spot theme and I love it. Good work! I have one issue I can’t figure out for the life of me. I have edited most of the CSS to manage my own color scheme, but how do I edit the green button on the search? I’ve looked in every possible file for the color code #1abc9c

    Please help!!

    • Look in the file /css/theme-flat.css in the Flat-Bootstrap theme. If you are using a child theme, like Spot, Link, Pratt, etc. then make sure to look into the parent theme’s directory for that file. Look for code like this, which effects ALL buttons, including the search button.

      html input[type="button"],
      input[type="submit"] {
  6. Hi Tim, I’m trying to change the header text from white to bg-brightred, I can’t find where I insert the color. Header Text “Name, Tagline” – Thanks – Ed

      • Hi Tim, that was the first place I went prior to posting this issue, the only option is “background” colors…. There is no indication of “header text font color” in the area you pointed me to. Can you be more specific or point me to a pdf manual that has specific instruction? Thanks.

        • Oh, you must not be using Flat Bootstrap. In Appearance -> Customize -> Colors there are two settings: header text color (which changes both the site title and tagline) and Background Color (which changes the color behind the text in the header). For my other themes, only the Background Color can be selected. It changes the background of the whole page. Thanks for pointing this out, though. I’ll see if there is an easy way to allow the header text color to be changed in my other themes. For now, you can add css like “a.navbar-brand { color: #123456; }”

          • Good news, Ed. This took quite a bit of changes to the Pratt theme as compared to the parent theme (Flat Bootstrap), but I’ve worked it out. In the next release you’ll be able to use the Customizer to change the header text color.

  7. Hi Tim, first awesome websites and themes!!!
    Haven’t tried but really like your design and feel, I found this place from someone who used your theme and carried your design info.

    Question: how do you manage the membership? which plugin you use?
    (I am using S2Member for paid contents, but still want some social features for members.)
    any suggestions?

    • I’ve been using the social connector from sociable.es for a very long time now. However, I have written my own plugin to override some code and I’m using my own plugin to display the recent members widget and members pages. I’d like to someday release a simple members plugin based on the one I wrote for my site, but I haven’t had time. I’ve been swamped at my real job and then free time is spent on these WordPress themes.

  8. I am back in the WordPress biz ( I do mostly Marketing of Musicians ) I bought Genesis along with Prose but I like this theme but am tearing my hair out Not trying to do anything fancy but trying to create landing page with no search bar ( also maybe add music to landing page as I manage Musicians. Any help appreciated .


    • I’ve considered adding a page template for landing pages, but its not really supported in WordPress. By that I mean the page templates just control the content of the page, not the header, footer, and sidebar. I’d have to add code to the header.php, footer.php, etc. to detect for the special page template and not display those components. You could build a child theme and do that and your code would remain in place even when upgrading the theme. But if you just want to hide a single thing, like a search bar, then you could it with CSS. Each individual page in WordPress gets a page id added as a body class. E.g. This page on my site is “page-id-360”.

  9. Hi Tim,
    how can i translate the “Read More” link on the posts excerpts ? I have edited the fr-FR.po located in the “languages” folder of the flat-bootstrap-child theme, of the flat-bootstrap theme, even in in the “wp-include/languages/themes/languages/” folder with :
    # @ flat-bootstrap
    #: wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php:990
    msgid “Read More”
    msgstr “Lire la suite”
    but it still doesn’t work …
    Any suggestions,

    • I’m not sure why adding it to fr-FR.po wouldn’t work. I’m definitely not an expert in WordPress language translations, though. I can point you to a brute-force method for now. Look at the file /inc/template-tags.php and you’ll see a function named xsbf_get_the_excerpt. You could change it there. Or you could override that function altogether in functions.php. Or better yet, put it in a plugin so it doesn’t get blown away when I release v1.6. I wish I had a better answer as to how to fix it normally in the language files. Please let me know if you figure it out.

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