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  1. allisonps Avatar

    Re: Flat Bootstrap WordPress theme site title: How can I remove the site title from the main nav bar? I am using an image in the header, so I selected to not show the site title in the header. That made that site title appear in the nav bar. I can’t see how to remove it. If I delete the site title, then it disappears from the nav bar, but also from the footer.


    1. allisonps Avatar

      Never mind… I just found that code in the header.php and I deleted it.

  2. Jeff Robinson Avatar
    Jeff Robinson

    I have and LOVE your theme but I want to remove the credit at he bottom of the page. What must I do to do that?? I will follow you to the end of the world on all of your social networks that I use if you can help me!

  3. neximago Avatar

    I am trying to customize the bottom ‘Page Bottom’ sidebar on your Flat Bootstrap Child theme.
    When i publish some contents in the bottom side bar widget, this content doesn’t appear.
    Do i have to copy some files from the parent theme to the child theme for editing them ?
    Which type of content can i put i thoses top or bottom widgets (pages, posts or whatever ?)
    Thanks !

  4. John Redick Avatar

    How do I remove the homepage link from the menu bar? I can’t find any options anywhere.


    As you can see the link is a home link, but I have no control over it.

  5. Richard Meyer Avatar

    I am using xtremly social theme and want to change the background color of the top menu. Can I do this? And where do it. I am an extremely illiterate when it comes to code so I would need a few step by steps please.

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      You can add your own CSS to change the color of the top menu. The CSS class is ‘navbar’. So you can do it like this:
      .navbar { background-color: #000000 }

  6. Joseph Skinner Avatar

    Hi Tim, Is there a way to change the whole theme color with just one update to css? Thanks

    1. Tim Nicholson Avatar

      It doesn’t look like your site is running any of my themes. Do you perhaps have a test site or something?

  7. Joseph Skinner Avatar

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for the great theme! Can you help me to find out why my site is not being very responsive for mobile? Also how can I set our site up to allow folks to join the same way I just logged into your site? Thanks!

  8. Tim Nicholson Avatar

    I just wanted to let everyone know that we have implemented some additional SPAM prevention measures today. Please contact me if you are a legitimate user and are having any issues posting comments. Thanks!

  9. LightSun Peaceweaver Avatar

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