We’ve recently added back displaying likes and comments on your Facebook Places checkin history in the My Places app. Now you can see your friend’s reactions to your checkins. For performance reasons, we are only displaying the first two to three likes and comments, just like Facebook does on their own pages. If you click… Read More

We’ve added some great new features to My Places, such as displaying comments and likes on checkins and allowing you to add comments. We’ve also added the ability to search nearby places. You can key in an address and choose how many miles you want to search within and it will show all the Facebook… Read More

I am happy to announce the release of our newest Facebook application, My Places. It shows you all your past Facebook Places Checkins and recent checkins from your friends. You can also click on a friend or place and view the full checkin history. My Places — View your Facebook Places Checkins and Your Friend’s… Read More

Back in October, Facebook published a “roadmap” of changes that would be taking place then through the beginning of 2010. We have posted articles on this here, but wanted to dig deeper into an area that is going to have a significant impact on users and developers and a huge impact on our My Info… Read More