Facebook recently killed off all of the API’s and methods that My Greetings was originally written with. This means the application no longer works and the amount of time to rewrite it would be exorbitant. We’re sad to see it go as well! My Greetings was the first Facebook application that I wrote and the… Read More

We have updated My Greetings to support sending an icon-based greeting to multiple Facebook friends at the same time. Its a great way to hit up a bunch of friends at once about your favorite sports team kicking butt or wishing happy holidays to your friends and family.   Our long-time users will remember that… Read More

I have now started to update My Greetings with support for the brand new Facebook “Application Dashboard” that was released in part this month. The main difference you’ll notice at this point is that when someone sends you a greeting, you’ll  see a counter show up on your Facebook home page next to the My… Read More

Back in October, Facebook published a “roadmap” of changes that would be taking place then through the beginning of 2010. We have posted articles on this here, but wanted to dig deeper into an area that is going to have a significant impact on users and developers and a huge impact on our My Info… Read More

Facebook has been giving us a hard time about the name “WallPoke” as they apparantly don’t allow applications to have either the word “Wall” or “Poke” in them. At this point, I’m leaning toward renaming the application “MyGreetings” as that is a bit more representative of what the application does as well as a bit… Read More

Just in time for Easter today, we added a Happy Easter bunny and 4 colored eggs. Don’t forget to WallPoke your friends or post Happy Easter on your profile. Here are the new Easter icons:… Read More

I’ve now added a whole new category for what I’m calling “Cute Critters”. Its a collection of cute monsters and animals from PixelGirl Presents. Go here to start sending Cute Criters. We’ve also added a boy, girl, cat, and dog to the General category. Here are just a few samples of the new Cute Critters… Read More