The Flat Bootstrap Child Theme is for users to be able to easily customize the theme.

It includes a stylesheet (style.css) for you to override or add CSS styles. It comes with a functions file (functions.php) in case you want to modify any theme functions. You can also, of course, copy down any of the page or post templates from the parent theme and modify them within your child theme. This way you can still receive updates to the parent theme for bug fixes and new features.

This child theme is included directly in the Flat Bootstrap WordPress theme. Just copy it up to your theme root directory and make your changes.

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You can read more about the Flat Bootstrap WordPress Theme features, How to use our Themes, and Our Theme Shortcodes.

13 comments on “Flat Bootstrap Child Theme

  • Hello Tim, I’ve been working on an implementation of the Flat Bootstrap Child Theme and it is working quite well for our needs with one exception. The integration with bootstrap on the menus. After reviewing functions.php and inc/bootstrap-navmenu.php. Can you recommend a way to only use the 0 level link/dropdown behavior to only be used on smaller screens? On larger screens that are not touch – it would be nice to still support hover for dropdowns and a linked parent nav item to remain a link.
    I have already reproduced a significant portion of functions.php to override the method for loading Font Awesome – we opted for a plugin to use a CDN. And I began to add the functions and the includes to the child theme – but then why am I using a child theme at this point 😉 So I thought I ‘d see if you might have an idea.
    Thank you.

    • I’ve thought about having drop-downs trigger on hover, but haven’t made it a priority. I’m trying to keep the themes as close to pure Bootstrap as possible and their devs are totally against it. I think it would be easiest to actually stop using the bootstrap nav walker and just go back to straight WordPress menus. Its a one line change to header.php and then adding whatever CSS you want to handle the menus.

  • On both my current site and now my new site on a different hosting platform, the Customizer (from Appearance / Header) displays then flashes on and off, as if it is redirecting somewhere and having trouble doing so. In this state I cannot do anything with it. I’ve had my programmer look at it and it does the same for them too. Both the Flat Bootstrap Child Theme and WordPress are up to date.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how to stop it flashing?

  • It has been suggested the problem is caused by WordPress being in a separate directory /assets/ rather than in the Home directory. Since the behavior is the same on two different hosting platforms that sounds a real possibility. Any comments?

    • I suppose that’s possible, but I do use the built-in WordPress functions to specify where to look for things rather than hard-coding locations. My test site is in a subdirectory like you have as well and I don’t have any issues. Have you tried the Customizer with the default WordPress theme to see if that works?

  • Second Child Theme Not Showing Up On Dashboard

    I’m trying to create a second child theme with the Flat Bootstrap theme. I was successful in creating the first child theme that was provided under the flat-bootstrap-child directory. I am trying to create a second child theme calling the directory flat-bootstrap-conference. I have changed the theme description on the style.css file with the new Flat Bootstrap Conference theme name but it does now show up on my Themes dashboard. I’ve created multiple Child Themes using Twentyfifteen but unsuccessful with using this theme. Hope someone can help me with this.

  • Hi Tim,
    Thanks a lot for your work!
    I’m currently using a child theme with Flat Bootstrap v1.9, but i’d need to switch to 24 columns bootstrap grid system. Could you suggest me a smart way to do it?

    I thought I can find and replace classes in template files, maybe there are other ways…

    Thank you so much,


    • I’ve not heard of a Bootstrap 24 column grid. I would think that would be really, really hard to change over to. Unless someone has a version of Bootstrap that still includes all the 12 column grid classes and then you just change a few places where you want 24 columns. Do you mind me asking what you want this for? I’m thinking there may be easier ways to accomplish your goal rather than changing the whole fundamental grid system.

  • I just installed Flat Bootstrap theme and setup Flat Bootstrap Child. Thank you.
    When I upload a header image it will not display unless I turn on “Display Site Tile and Tagline”. But then the Site Title and Tagline display on top of the header image. Wondering what I’m missing?