One of the great features with this site is that you can log in with your Facebook user ID and password. No need to register with yet another website! You can also post your comments on this site to your Facebook news stream, if you would like. You can see a list of your Facebook… Read More

Please vote in our poll on which new features you would like to see added to My Greetings. We could really use some feedback on the application and where you would like to see improvements made. This will help us get a feel for that. Thanks!… Read More

We have now replaced the really small original WallPoke icons (16×16) with much larger, more interesting icons (64×64) and added many new things. The icons now display across two pages, so be sure to check out the ones on the second page too! Now WallPoke has been improved to work more like a gifting application,… Read More

We have now added all major sports team logos that you can send to your friends. We’ve added all NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB teams. These team logos are also much larger than the original WallPoke icons so they are easier to see and look nicer when posted to your friends’ walls. UPDATE 12/9/08: Added… Read More

I have now added the ability for WallPoke to notify you via email whenever you receive a WallPoke. You will have to opt-in one time in order to receive them. You can opt out at any time. Go to the main WallPoke screen. There should now be an “Enable Email Notification” link in the upper… Read More

We have now launched WallPoke in “beta” status. Actually, anyone on FB can add the application and begin using it, but we have not yet placed it in the public listings and have only invited personal friends and family so far. Feel free to use the application and WallPoke your friends. They can view your… Read More