New Feature! Now you can use completely different code for a full-page Custom Tab that is completely separate from your existing Profile Box. This will let you place a little content on your profile as you have today and fill up a whole page of content on your own Custom Tab. This opens up a… Read More

Just in time for Easter today, we added a Happy Easter bunny and 4 colored eggs. Don’t forget to WallPoke your friends or post Happy Easter on your profile. Here are the new Easter icons:… Read More

I’ve now added a whole new category for what I’m calling “Cute Critters”. Its a collection of cute monsters and animals from PixelGirl Presents. Go here to start sending Cute Criters. We’ve also added a boy, girl, cat, and dog to the General category. Here are just a few samples of the new Cute Critters… Read More

We’ve always had the ability for you to view your WallPokes sent and received, but now we’ve added another page to the application where you can see recent WallPoke activity by your friends. The history displays just like on a Wall and you can see and post comments directly. We also display a brief list… Read More

I’ve just rolled out the latest addition to WallPoke. Now you can WallPoke YOURSELF! Why would you want to do that you ask? Because you can now post your mood, holiday greetings, or cheer for your favorite sports team on your own wall. This will announce it to anyone that views your profile and and… Read More

We’ve now added over a dozen new WallPoke icons that you can send to your friends over the last couple of weeks. You may have seen them already. We’ve also set up an initial user ranking system. You may have noticed that WallPoke has told you that you are a WallPokin’ n00b, or a WallPokin’… Read More