We are happy to announce that we are now publishing news about the social networking industry on our website. We are hand-picking the best articles about social networking from around the Web. We are covering news and trends with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other important news that effects the social networking community. We are… Read More

XtemelySocial.com is all about community! You can log into our website with your Facebook login information and see which of your friends are members of our site, what comments they are making on our articles, and invite your Facebook friends to check out our site. Now you can even view your full Facebook friend activity… Read More

Thanks to Anna making a request in our My Info discussion forums, I have now updated the application to show more status history: 1. Now displaying up to 50 status updates on the same page 2. Now allow paging back and forth through your history The only limit on how much history you can view… Read More

We’ve updated My Info to provide you with a much better preview feature. You can now select whether you want to preview your profile box in Narrow or Wide format. This will let you see more accurately how your profile box will look when its on the wall/narrow or wide side of the boxes tab.… Read More

Some users have found it difficult to add My Info to their business page because Facebook doesn’t let us automate adding a box to a page’s profile like it does for your personal profile. To make things a little easier, we’ve now added instructions at the top of the main My Info page whenever you… Read More

Facebook has been giving us a hard time about the name “WallPoke” as they apparantly don’t allow applications to have either the word “Wall” or “Poke” in them. At this point, I’m leaning toward renaming the application “MyGreetings” as that is a bit more representative of what the application does as well as a bit… Read More

Facebook required us to change the name of this application to remove the word “profile” from it, so we settled on the name MyInfo. Its short and to the point. We hope you like it. Your profile box and/or custom tab will now show a title of MyInfo, which is generic enough that it should… Read More