Application Help

Settings are tied to complication areas that are used on numerous faces. It isn’t possible to vary the settings based on the specific watch face.

However, tapping a complication will take you to the settings for that area, so you can quickly change them depending on which watch face you are using.

Complication Refreshes

When you change settings, the complication needs to be refreshed and the Watch limits the refresh rate. If you are making a lot of changes, the refresh could start to take longer. Please be patient and the complication will update within a few minutes.

Complication Colors

For complications that allow you to select a color, please note that if you override the color of the Watch face itself, the complication will use that color instead of the one you selected in the app settings.

Displaying the Time

For efficiency, when displaying the time, the app uses A built-in timer. If there is room, it will show the seconds. If there isn’t room it will display just hours and minutes. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a setting for this.

On Series 5 only, there is also a known bug in which the timer displays as number of hours and minutes when the screen is dimmed from Always On Display mode. e.g. 10hrs, 29min PM instead of 10:29 PM.

Motion, Siri, Toy Story Faces

It’s very difficult to tap the small top area of the Motion / Siri / Toy Story faces. You may just want to launch the app from another complication or the dock and just scroll to that setting.

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