Timely is an Apple Watch app that lets you display the time and/or date in numerous formats on various watch faces. It supports over 60 different colors or can display a different color each day of the week. Quickly change display formats or colors simply by tapping on the complication.

Timely is compatible all the way back to the original Apple Watch (Series 0) through the latest Series 5 with watchOS 6. The full 70 colors from watchOS 6 are available on all watch models.

Timely Features

  • Dozens of different date and time formats available
  • 60+ colors to choose from or have it display a different color for each day of the week
  • Graphical gauges available to display dates on watches that support it (Series 4 and 5)
  • Compatible all the way back to the Series 0 watch

Timely Watch App Screenshots

Purchase from the App Store

COMING SOON! We have not yet established a price for the Timely Watch App yet. Nor is it available from the Apple App Store. Stay tuned!

Help and FAQ

A Help/FAQ screen is provided right on the Watch app itself. Force press the settings screen and select Help/FAQ from the menu.

A more extensive Help/Info page is available on this website.

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect ANY user information from you in the Timely app. See our Timely App Privacy policy for more details. Since it is an Apple Watch app, it is subject to Apple’s own privacy policy.

If you do register for a user account on this website, we do use cookies. Please see the XtremelySocial.com Privacy Policy for more details.