Due to changes to permissions and authorization by both Twitter and Facebook, you will need to re-authorize both applications. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we have no choice. Just hit the button in My Status to authorize Facebook and then click the Authorize Twitter link if you want to view and update your Twitter status as well.

Facebook changed the way applications work and for brand new users we have to now specifically ask you to be able to read your status and update it. That’s great from a privacy perspective, but it caused problems with new users not being able to see their status history. Existing users were “grandfathered” by Facebook, so if you don’t see a link to re-authorize My Status on Facebook, then you are all set.

Also two days ago Twitter changed the way you have to authorize us to read your Twitter status updates and other private timelines. If you want to view and update your Twitter status, you will need to click the Authorize Twitter link on the main My Status home page to allow us to do so on your behalf. Ultimately, this new method is better because we don’t have to send your user ID and password to Twitter. Once you authorize it, Twitter knows who you are and that My Status is allowed to view and update your status.

In addition, we added the ability to view your Twitter favorites. This was quite easy to do and hopefully its useful to everyone.

Thanks to all you great users of My Status out there, we now have about 78,000 monthly active users! This is now our most popular Facebook application and as a result I will be spending more time on enhancing it.