If you have been checking out the My Info app page on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I have been hinting that new custom tab names are coming soon. I have done most of the work on this already and am starting to want a few heavy users to try them out and provide feedback on them.

The first batch of custom tab names will be:

  • Welcome
  • About Us
  • About Me
  • Our Services
  • Our Specials

These were selected as the most general appeal for both personal profiles and fan pages. Please let us know if you have suggestions for future tab names.

Here is a screenshot of a new Welcome tab I created right on the main My Info fan page 🙂

If anyone is interested in more details around how this works, I’ll share that here. Facebook doesn’t allow 3rd party applications to alter the name of the custom tab. We can only set one tab name that is hard-coded for everyone that uses the app.  The only way to provide different tab names is to build separate apps for each name. That is precisely why it took so long for me to roll out this feature… because its certainly not feasible to write and maintain a dozen or so different applications.

So what I’ve done is found a creative way to have multiple Facebook applications that all point to the same application source code. So I can maintain the main My Info application code base and all the other “helper” apps with different tab names will naturally be updated.

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