We have updated My Greetings to support sending an icon-based greeting to multiple Facebook friends at the same time. Its a great way to hit up a bunch of friends at once about your favorite sports team kicking butt or wishing happy holidays to your friends and family.  

Our long-time users will remember that we used to support this feature, but Facebook limited you to three (3) friends at a time. We dropped support for this when Facebook completely changed how third-party applications can publish to a user’s stream. In fact, Facebook doesn’t support sending anything to more than one friend at a time anymore, but we found a way to loop through the friends you pick and fire off individual greetings to each of them.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Just be responsible in what you send to large numbers of friends. We may have to put a limit on the number if things get out of hand, but for now its wide open. As always, if you run into any problems, please email me.