I am happy to announce that we have made some nice enhancements and fixed some issues with displaying your Facebook stream and friend’s walls here on XtremelySocial.com.  

Facebook updated their stream API’s yet again which broke the individual wall pages. Only public posts were being displayed even if you were friends with that person. That issue is now fixed.

We  also fixed an issue where posts with multiple images were not being displayed properly. These posts will now display all the images. We also added the image caption text.

We changed all the Facebook links throughout user profile pages, walls, and activity stream to launch Facebook in a new tab/window. Each click will launch in the same tab, though, so you won’t have to deal with a ton of browser windows opening up.

We made several enhancements to the individual post links as well. We increased the font size and now display the name of the application that was used to post the item with a link to that application. We also are now displaying the “action link”, which is the application-specific link to help out your mafia, see what they said, take the poll, or whatever.

We also added just a bit of space between the post comments to separate them a bit and have them look more like they do on Facebook.