We are happy to announce that we are now publishing news about the social networking industry on our website. We are hand-picking the best articles about social networking from around the Web. We are covering news and trends with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other important news that effects the social networking community.

We are NOT just automatically pulling news feeds. We believe that would be of little value and would lead to actually more “noise” rather than less. Our intent is to comb all the best social networking sites and selectively choose articles that we believe are valuable to our readers.

Because these news articles were written by other authors on other websites, we are leaving the full articles in tact, including their ads. We absolutely believe that the original authors and websites should benefit from their own advertising around the content that they own.

In order to keep a clean layout to the site, we have moved Our Facebook Apps and Our Websites pages underneath the About Us page. We have also cleanly segregated Our News from the Social News categories.

We hope you enjoy this new service we are providing and hope to get some good discussions going on our website. As always, you can choose to publish your comments here back to Facebook. We plan to actively participate in the discussions that take place here around these articles.