Many of you have been asking if there is a way for you to individually change the name that appears on your profile box or custom tab. Sadly, Facebook does not allow that. The box is hard-coded to whatever I call the application itself. I can set the custom tab title to whatever I want, but it has to be the same for all users.

Also, Facebook is giving me a hard time now about the name “My Profile Box”. They are trying to say they’ve somehow trademarked “Profile Box”. Yeah, like THAT trademark would hold up in court! 😉 After “Kleenex” lost their trademark battle years ago, these big companies have just gone to ridiculous levels with their naming rules.

At any rate, I’ve been thinking about changing the name of the app to something simpler anyway. I’ll list a couple of suggestions. Please let me know what you think and PLEASE make suggestions as well. Potential New Names

* Simply “More Info” so its generic enough that it looks OK as a title for just about anything you would put in your profile box

* Simply “My Profile” or something generic like that.

* They say that I can qualify the name by calling it “My Tim Nicholson Profile Box”, which is obviously ridiculous, but I have just bought the domain name as a holding place for all my current and future social networking apps (iGoogle? My Yahoo? MySpace? LinkedIn? etc). So I guess I could call it XS Profile Box or something like that.

What do you guys think??!!??!!

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