We’ve updated My Info to provide you with a much better preview feature. You can now select whether you want to preview your profile box in Narrow or Wide format. This will let you see more accurately how your profile box will look when its on the wall/narrow or wide side of the boxes tab.

In addition, we updated the link at the top of the profile box to say “Go to My Info”, so it was more clear to your viewers where that link would go. To update your profile box, simply go to My Info one time and the new link text will appear on your profile. The “See All” link is still the same and will point to a full-page view of your profile box information, regardless of whether you have added a custom tab or not. This way users can see all of your profile box information even if it is truncated (cut off) on your wall.
One last minor change we made was to remove the message that appears when editing a Facebook Page about adding the box to your profile. We found that annoying since Facebook won’t let us actually tell if you’ve done that or not. You will still see the warning message when editing a Facebook Page if you have not added My Info to that page. We’ve had many users forget to add My Info to their page and think the application wasn’t working properly when nothing showed up. We hope you enjoy the new enhanced features. As always, let us know if you find any issues with them.

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