We’ve now added over a dozen new WallPoke icons that you can send to your friends over the last couple of weeks. You may have seen them already. We’ve also set up an initial user ranking system. You may have noticed that WallPoke has told you that you are a WallPokin’ n00b, or a WallPokin’ Pro.

Here are the new WallPokes available:

Here are the user ranking levels as they stand today. They are based on the total WallPokes sent AND received:

  1. Wallpokin’ n00b – Less than 5
  2. Wallpokin’ Novice – 5 or More
  3. Wallpokin’ Fool – 10 or More
  4. Wallpokin’ Apprentice – 25 or More
  5. Wallpokin’ Pro – 50 or More
  6. Wallpokin’ Expert – 100 or More
  7. Wallpokin’ Maniac – 150 or More
  8. Wallpokin’ Insomniac – 200 or More