I’ve just rolled out the latest addition to WallPoke. Now you can WallPoke YOURSELF! Why would you want to do that you ask? Because you can now post your mood, holiday greetings, or cheer for your favorite sports team on your own wall. This will announce it to anyone that views your profile and and it will also appear in all of your friend’s news feeds (home page) as well. So you can post moods or wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day or say Go Buckeyes! Happy WallPoking! There are two ways to post a WallPoke to your own profile. There is a new link on the main WallPoke page to “WallPoke Yourself”. You can also simply view your own profile and click on “WallPoke” in the publisher next to Write Note, Add Photos, etc. If you don’t see that on your profile, click the little down arrow to shore more applications and choose WallPoke. You can thank Leah for suggesting this by responding to our poll and suggesting this feature in the comments. Vote now in the WallPoke poll to help guide development of the app! Thanks for your feedback Leah!