We have now launched WallPoke in “beta” status. Actually, anyone on FB can add the application and begin using it, but we have not yet placed it in the public listings and have only invited personal friends and family so far. Feel free to use the application and WallPoke your friends. They can view your WallPokes *without* installing the application, but they may be compelled to add it themselves and WallPoke others.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for beta testing the application. Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues and let us know what your suggestions are for enhancements to the application.

Next on our list is getting more icons for different WallPokes. We refuse to steal other people’s icons, so we are only using public domain icons or those for which we have specific permission for the artist to use. So if anyone runs across any, let me know. I’d like more icons like slap, kick, punch. I’d love to cover major sports teams and colleges too, but licensing those has got to be expensive.

Almost as important as new icons, I have begin working on a mobile version of WallPoke, but I am finding that with the “new Facebook” there are enough issues keeping the FB developer busy that they haven’t had time to get around finishing the mobile API’s that we developers need to write mobile versions of our software.