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Site Members

Site Members – See which Facebook friends are using our site as well as who are all the members of our website.


In addition, each site member has a profile that pulls information from both this site and Facebook. When you click on a user’s profile picture, you will be taken to a profile page with their current Facebook status and other information. For example, here is my profile page: Tim Nicholson

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Our Community Wall – Our wall is just like the wall on Facebook. In fact, you can even publish your comment over to your Facebook stream to share with your friends. Feel free to use it like a guestbook or to provide feedback about our website.

10 comments on “Our Community

    • Wow. I’ve never had anyone be so negative and vulgar against my free themes. I hope you don’t mind me editing your swear word. The themes themselves are meant to comply specifically with the core WordPress theme itself and Bootstrap from Twitter. So I support the standard Configuration options in that theme. However, there are many things built into the theme that are designed to “just work” out of the box without requiring a whole slew of configuration options. There are also thousands of great plugins out there that can add functionality to your site and the idea is not to try to put too much functionality into any one theme itself.

      Do you have any specific things that you are looking to customize? I’ve answered many posts here on my site as well as in the theme’s support forums on WordPress.org as to how to use some simple CSS or PHP to customize the themes.

  • Hi, so for default WP install, single post is rendered via single.php. If I have a custom post type called “events”, then I would duplicate a file called single-events.php. But for Flat, I can’t seem to achieve that. Any clues?

    • Yes, its supposed to work that way. That part is actually handled by WordPress core itself, not the them, so I can’t imagine what could be wrong. Meaning, WordPress itself is supposed to look for single-events.php and load that, otherwise it will load the theme’s single.php. Could it be that your custom post type is really called “event” and it should be single-event.php?

      The only thing I can think of in the theme itself that might mess with which template gets loaded is if you’ve flagged the post to be full-width. Then I trap the WordPress core logic and load single-fullwidth.php instead of single.php. But as long as you don’t check that box, then which template gets loaded is untouched. You can look at the function xsbf_single_template() in /inc/theme-functions.php to see what’s happening.

  • Hi Tim, indeed, single.php was messed by a plugin that I used and I had since solved the problem. In short, the plugin defined another custom directory for it’s custom post type also called single-events.php and overrides the theme it. Otherwise, singles-my_custom_name.php works as usual. Thanks for the great starter theme and happy hacking!

  • I’m looking into your Flatbootstrap and Spot theme again. I miss the flexibility of the personalisation which your theme offers.

    I want to change the green colors which seem to be standard (Flat Bootstrap/Spot), but I can’t find them in any of the stylesheets. In addition, will the colors in general be built into the customiser at some point?

    According to the WordPress codex “@import” is no longer “best practice”. Will that be changed in the child themes?

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