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25 comments on “Our Community

  • You create cool wordpress themes, Tim? Your themes SUCK. They are not user-friendly at all and not customizable. Very frustrating, yet so basic. F@#$.

    • Wow. I’ve never had anyone be so negative and vulgar against my free themes. I hope you don’t mind me editing your swear word. The themes themselves are meant to comply specifically with the core WordPress theme itself and Bootstrap from Twitter. So I support the standard Configuration options in that theme. However, there are many things built into the theme that are designed to “just work” out of the box without requiring a whole slew of configuration options. There are also thousands of great plugins out there that can add functionality to your site and the idea is not to try to put too much functionality into any one theme itself.

      Do you have any specific things that you are looking to customize? I’ve answered many posts here on my site as well as in the theme’s support forums on WordPress.org as to how to use some simple CSS or PHP to customize the themes.

    • I’ve spent considerable time searching for an unbloated Bootstrap 3 WordPress theme, and this is so for the best I have found. Your comment just shows your own ignorance. Keep up the good work Tim!

  • Hi, so for default WP install, single post is rendered via single.php. If I have a custom post type called “events”, then I would duplicate a file called single-events.php. But for Flat, I can’t seem to achieve that. Any clues?

    • Yes, its supposed to work that way. That part is actually handled by WordPress core itself, not the theme, so I can’t imagine what could be wrong. Meaning, WordPress itself is supposed to look for single-events.php and load that, otherwise it will load the theme’s single.php. Could it be that your custom post type is really called “event” and it should be single-event.php?

      The only thing I can think of in the theme itself that might mess with which template gets loaded is if you’ve flagged the post to be full-width. Then I trap the WordPress core logic and load single-fullwidth.php instead of single.php. But as long as you don’t check that box, then which template gets loaded is untouched. You can look at the function xsbf_single_template() in /inc/theme-functions.php to see what’s happening.

  • Hi Tim, indeed, single.php was messed by a plugin that I used and I had since solved the problem. In short, the plugin defined another custom directory for it’s custom post type also called single-events.php and overrides the theme it. Otherwise, singles-my_custom_name.php works as usual. Thanks for the great starter theme and happy hacking!

    • I’m not sure what you mean. By default, my themes show copyright by . Theme by xtremelysocial.com. In the latest versions of my themes (latest as of now is Flat Bootstrap v1.8 as the parent of all my themes), I have put span tags around the latter part to make it easier to hide with a simple line of CSS. I don’t know what gerrybahl.com is other than your site name itself. Please share a bit more information about what you are trying to do and I’ll see if I can help.

  • I’m looking into your Flatbootstrap and Spot theme again. I miss the flexibility of the personalisation which your theme offers.

    I want to change the green colors which seem to be standard (Flat Bootstrap/Spot), but I can’t find them in any of the stylesheets. In addition, will the colors in general be built into the customiser at some point?

    According to the WordPress codex “@import” is no longer “best practice”. Will that be changed in the child themes?

    • Which green colors are you talking about? Some are in the custom bootstrap.css, some are in theme-flat.css. In future versions, I’m looking to put even more “core” styling into bootstrap.css, limit theme-flat.css to my additional CSS (like my color palette and additional buttons, etc.) and put more of the font selection and changed button and link colors into the Flat Bootstrap style.css.

      Yes, I’ve started upgrading my child themes to use PHP (functions.php specifically) to load the various stylesheets as opposed to using @import in the CSS. I’m making some changes to Flat Bootstrap v1.9 to make it a little easier to override just the stylesheets, just the javascript, or just the fonts.

      I’m trying to keep theme options to a minimum and have most things “just work” and leave things like color changes to CSS overrides since it’s usually pretty easy to do with a few lines of CSS.

  • I am helping out a friend who had someone else set up his website.

    He is looking for some changes, and I am having some difficulties with the following:

    1.) Adding a logo to the navigation/menu bar.
    2.)The header photos are huge and he wants the smaller. I have found how to make them smaller – and he also wants different images on each page – that I figured out to hide the header. However, it leaves behind a blue bar that I would like to remove.
    3.) Somehow on two pages different images were added to a couple of pages, but the title of that page is coming through the image. That needs to be turned off. Probably with the hide image. However, I can’t find where he loaded those other images as they stay on even though I hide the header. I did not find their reference in the pages code.
    4.)Last but not least – he has the menu set up and sub-pages with that page as its parent, yet in the menu – there is no drop down menu showing for those items. It appears to be set up correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • I changed the sites identity and did not like what it did so I deleted it, yet it is not removing from the page. Both on the navigation bar and as background text on the header image.

    • Which theme are you using?

      (1) Flat Bootstrap is pretty different than all my child themes when it comes to the site title and description. I’m looking to add support for the Jetpack plugin “site logo” feature, although I am waiting a bit for it to “mature” and be “standardized”. For now, I’d just use CSS or adjust the header.php to add a site logo.

      (2) My child themes (Link, Spot, Pratt) all allow you to easily have a different “page header” (within the theme’s PHP and CSS its really a “content header”). Just add a different “featured image” to the page that is at greater than 1170px wide and it will be used as the large image header. Of course as you have found, you can adjust the size and cropping with CSS .

      (3) I don’t know what you mean by adding two different images to a page. WordPress only allows one “featured image”. If your featured image is >1170px wide, its assumed you want it stretched up to 1600px and have the page title (and my themes support a subtitle) overlaid on top of the image.

      (4) My themes all display a few top-level pages by default, but they are really designed to use WordPress’ custom menus. Have them create a 2-level menu in WordPress and assign it to the top nav bar.

  • Hi, first: great themes, easy to use and very developer-friendly! Thanks for offering them free, very much appreciated.
    Second: there is one ugly thing in “xsbf_footer_filter” function, “$dom->loadHTML ( $footer );”. If the string $footer contains special characters (like German Umlaute) you get junk in your webpage. I added “utf8_decode( $footer )” to it and everything works perfect. Maybe a thing for the next update?
    Btw., any plans for Bootstrap 4 already?

    • Are you using Flat Bootstrap v1.9? That does the utf8_decode() already.

      // Use PHP to parse the DOM structure and count the number of widgets. Note that we
      	// have to suppress errors because libxml doesn't recognize html5 tags yet. It still
      	// processes them just fine, though.
      	$dom = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'utf-8');
      	//$dom->loadHTML( $footer );
      	$dom->encoding = 'utf-8'; // fixes foreign language issues
      	$dom->loadHTML( utf8_decode( $footer) ); // important;  

      I’ve looked at Bootstrap v4. It has some pretty radical changes and its still in “alpha”. I’m trying to get them to change the way they handle “vertical rhythm” too because I don’t like it at all. So I’m going to have to potentially do overrides to that. They do plan to support BSv3 moving forward too (unlike when they went to 3 and stopped supporting 2). I don’t have any kind of schedule to support BSv4, but am aware its coming and thinking about it already.

  • Hello everyone ! I’m using this theme for lots of website. He is very good, i like this theme very much but I have a problem with him. Only in the sidebar-footer,
    Letters with accent does not display correctly. Someone know how to fix this problem ??

    Thanks you in advance,

  • Hello Tim.
    Hello Extremely Social. Unfortunately I have hit a wall with your SPOT theme. I was trying to make some changes to the header.php file and when I udated the page, I lost my site completely. When I click on the home page through WordPress the page is, in fact, there but it doesn’t load to the internet. I get an error HTTP 500.

    Is it possible to send me the (header.php) under Flat Bootstrap>Theme Header file so I can replace mine with the default header.php?
    Other than that I’m very pleased with the SPOT theme and this was my only issue.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hey Tim,

    First off, a big thank you for creating the Flat-Bootstrap theme, I can tell you I’ve used it as my base-theme to create over 20 websites for clients and while it took me a bit to get used to how it’s organized, I have to say once you get it, it works like a dream.

    I just wanted to note that by default, the theme does not have post_formats turned on, even though you are calling it on the index.php file, under the loop:
    get_template_part( ‘content’, get_post_format() );

    Also I suggest that for the comments above, just adding a note about how to call that separate template using the name after ‘content’ and before get_post_format() (for example, I’ve edited this index.php and included a content-category.php template that helps me organize category pages so I don’t have to write if is_category() into all the other content pages).
    get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘category’ , get_post_format() )

    Thanks Tim! Excited to keep using your themes!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I did purposely use very strict adherence to the standard WordPress template hierarchy. It drives me nuts when themes (especially frameworks) try to “build a better mousetrap”. Although I do use template parts heavily to avoid code duplication. It’s always a balancing act.

      I decided to have post formats turned off by default since I don’t (yet) have any special templates or CSS for them. I intended for child themes that do have support for them to set the list of formats in the $xsbf_theme_options->post_formats variable. To avoid confusion with the users, only the unique formats that the child theme actually supports should be listed.

      I think you are suggesting that I include the category as part of the template call and that makes good sense. But if I don’t include a content-category.php will it then default to content.php? I’ll add this to my “to-do” list.

  • Hello 🙂 I’m relatively new to WP and loving your Flat Bootstrap theme. I’ve started to customize and add custom CSS and have run into a problem using the horizontal rule . Is this the correct place to post my question?