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Name: Tim Nicholson Member since: 2009-08-24 02:37:06 Website URL: About me: Tim Nicholson runs and produces Facebook applications such as My Info: Custom Tabs, My Status, and My Places. He also designs and manages various websites and works full-time for a software company.

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  1. Spot WordPress Theme

    All of my themes (so far) use Raleway (similar to Arial) for the headings and Lato (similar to Helvetica) for the body text. These are both free Google fonts, so you can easily install them on your computer for use with Photoshop or whatever imaging software you want to use.

  2. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Sure, you can change the color of the footer by adding this CSS:
    .sidebar-footer { background-color: #999999; }
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you really like the theme.

  3. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Are you talking about using the “Page with Recent Posts” page template or the main blog page? If the former, then you are on the right track. Look here to see how to add an argument to the WP_Query to select which categories or tags get displayed. Although, you might want to consider marking the posts you want there as “sticky” and then filtering on those. That way you have infinite control over which posts show up on the home page. Check out the WP_Query Parameters.

  4. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    As soon as you add a widget to whatever widget area has the sample, the sample should disappear. Which theme are you using? Also, can you send a link to your site? Most themes just have samples in the Page Bottom widget area.

  5. Pratt WordPress Theme

    You can use the theme with BuddyPress, but I have not included any specific styling for BuddyPress. I think there is a BP plugin out there that is designed to add basic BP styling to any theme. If you have trouble locating it, I’ll try to track it down. I experimented with BP, but it was a long time ago. I really just wanted a few of its features and am using a different plugin for the “members” features on this site (Well, actually I wrote some of it myself).

  6. Flat Bootstrap Child Theme

    I’ve thought about having drop-downs trigger on hover, but haven’t made it a priority. I’m trying to keep the themes as close to pure Bootstrap as possible and their devs are totally against it. I think it would be easiest to actually stop using the bootstrap nav walker and just go back to straight WordPress menus. Its a one line change to header.php and then adding whatever CSS you want to handle the menus.

  7. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Ulf, from looking at your website if you use the tag you’ll be at 70px or if you use the above CSS you’ll be at 64px and both work fine on desktop and mobile. Remember that mobile is already a smaller font size.

  8. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    If adding the <small> doesn’t work, then just add some CSS to make the font smaller, like this:

    .cover-image h1 { font-size: 64px; }
  9. Link WordPress Theme

    I don’t believe overflow hidden will work. There is CSS that will truncate text to a single line, but in general people will want it to word wrap. If the issue is with a wide feature image added to a page, you can just wrap your text in <small></small> to shrink the font a bit so it fits.

  10. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Check out what to do here on our How to use our themes page. In short, the sample widget will disappear when you add an actual text widget to the “Page Bottom” widget area. You could edit the sample via PHP but its much easier to just create your own text widget.

  11. Link WordPress Theme

    All my themes are fully responsive, but what can happen is that if the text being overlaid on the header image or page-specific featured image is a really long word where normal CSS word-wrapping doesn’t work, it may extend beyond the size of a smartphone screen. If you break apart the text overlay into words, it will be responsive. If for some reason you need a really long word to fit on a single line, you can add a line of css code to reduce the font-size. There are posts here that tell you how to do that, but if you need help let me know and I’ll add more info here.

  12. Pratt WordPress Theme

    Sure, with just a little bit of CSS. Its easiest if you use the Jetpack Plugin as it has a “Custom CSS” feature. You can just add body { font-size: 16px; } to it. Otherwise, you should create a child theme, but that is more complicated.

  13. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    All that is basic WordPress, not controlled by the theme. I can’t imagine why a widget would disappear for no reason. Instead of using Appearance->Customize, what shows when you go directly into Appearance->Widgets? They *just* added the former, but the latter has been tried-and-true for years.

  14. Spot WordPress Theme

    Its not in the discussions area, its on the individual pages (and posts). Thanks for the kind words about the theme!

  15. Pratt WordPress Theme

    If you just want to change the body front size and not resize all the headings, you can add this CSS with the Jetpack Custom CSS plugin or add it directly to the theme’s style.css. The default body font is 18px, but you can change it like this:

    body { font-size: 16px; }
  16. Spot WordPress Theme

    Take a look at the color palette built into the parent theme (and all its child themes, including Spot). All the colors are designed to look good together. Our Theme Shortcodes. Also, each child theme has its own sample page that can be imported in the /samples folder and you can easily mix and match between themes. For the grid portfolio, try using the Jetpack plugin. Our Link Theme Sample Page uses it. When you choose the images to include, you can put a URL on each one to link over to your individual portfolio item pages (although I didn’t set all that up with the sample page).

  17. Spot WordPress Theme

    I don’t see any issues with icons on your site either in Chrome or Safari. Your site looks great! According to Font Awesome, the only browser not supported is IE7, which is ancient.

  18. Pratt WordPress Theme

    You are correct that Pratt (and Link and Spot) are all child themes of Flat Bootstrap. If you only want to make changes to the theme through CSS, then the Jetpack plugin has a Custom CSS module that let’s you store CSS to override the theme. That CSS is stored in the WordPress database and is retained indefinitely. There are also other custom CSS plugins if you don’t want to use Jetpack.

    If you absolutely need to change the PHP code, then I’d suggest copying Pratt over and giving it a new name. You can then make your edits there. Whenever Pratt is updated, you’d have to manually re-make your mods. However, the vast majority of theme updates are done to the parent theme (Flat Bootstrap). Pratt only has a functions.php and style.php file that are important. There are a couple of sidebars overridden in it, but that’s just to change the sample widgets that are displayed that you will replace with your real widgets anyway.

    I have not used the mqTranslate plugin. I’m not sure what might interfere with it because I’m following all WordPress theme guidelines religiously. In fact, my themes are based directly on WordPress’ own starter theme, called “_s”. Its what they use to develop all of the TwentyFifteen, etc. themes.

  19. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    For Spot, create a text widget and place it in the footer with this code and replace the “#”‘s with actual URL’s:

    <div class="row">
    <a href="#"><span class="fa fa-twitter icon-lg"></span></a>      <a href="#"><span class="fa fa-facebook  icon-lg"></span></a>      <a href="#"><span class="fa fa-dribbble icon-lg"></span></a>

    I’m glad you really like the theme, btw!

  20. Link WordPress Theme

    Change the <a href=”#”> to link to your social profile, like <a href=””>

  21. Link WordPress Theme

    The “leave a reply” is the standard WordPress comment box. Go into your home page and uncheck the box “allow comments”.

    For the social footer, here is the code that you can place in a text widget and then edit it from there. To change the colors, refer to theme’s color palette.

    <div id="sidebar-pagebottom-content" class="sidebar-pagebottom">
    <aside id="sample-text-3" class="widget widget_text section clearfix">
    	<div class="container"><h2 class="widget-title">Stay Connected</h2>
    		<div class="textwidget"><p>Join us on our social networks for all the latest updates, product/service announcements and more.</p>
    		</div><!-- textwidget -->
    	</div><!-- container -->
    <aside id="sample-text-4" class="widget widget_text section nopadding fullwidth clearfix">
    	<div id="sf" class="textwidget social-footer">
    		<div class="row">
    			<div class="col-md-4 bg-darkgreen padding-top-bottom">
    				<h4 class="ml">FACEBOOK</h4>
    				<p class="centered aligncenter"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook icon-lg"></i></a></p>
    				<p class="ml">> Follow Us</p>
    			<div class="col-md-4 bg-lightgreen padding-top-bottom">
    				<h4 class="ml">TWITTER</h4>
    				<p class="centered aligncenter"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-twitter icon-lg"></i></a></p>
    				<p class="ml">> Follow Us</p>
    			<div class="col-md-4 bg-darkgreen padding-top-bottom">
    				<h4 class="ml">GOOGLE+</h4>
    				<p class="centered aligncenter"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-google-plus icon-lg"></i></a></p>
    				<p class="ml">> Add Us to Your Circle</p>
    		</div><!-- row -->
    	</div><!-- social-footer -->
    </div><!-- .sidebar-pagebottom -->
  22. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    If you are using Pratt, be sure to update its parent theme, Flat Bootstrap as well. The latest version is 1.5. That should fix your issues.

  23. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Can you send me a link to your page so I can take a look at it? Are you using Flat Bootstrap v1.5? The custom header image should resize and on narrow widths it should be cropping in the center. Only prior versions cropped top left.

  24. How to Use our WordPress Themes

    Interesting use case. I hadn’t thought of someone wanting to rotate the home page images and then not have them on the post pages. That is a bit tricky. The CSS would be pretty complex. If you don’t mind editing PHP, go into the file single.php. Comment out the call to get the content header like this:

    < ?php //get_template_part( 'content', 'header' ); ?>

    Then right after that, add this code to display the normal white on blue title:

    $title = get_the_title();
    $subtitle = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_subtitle', $single = true );
    <header class="content-header">
    <div class="container">
    <h1 class="page-title"><?php echo $title; ?>
    <?php if ( $subtitle ) printf( '<h3 class="page-subtitle taxonomy-description">%s</h3>', $subtitle ); ?>
  25. Link WordPress Theme

    You can change the link colors by adding CSS like this:

    a { color: #16a085; }
    a:hover, a:focus { color: #19B798; }

    Note that links in the footer, copyright section, or any colored sections you’ve added to a page will still use their original link colors. This is so the links look good and don’t have conflicting color combinations.

    I’ll add this to the online documentation here and have already added it to the readme.txt for the next version of Flat Bootstrap.