UPDATE: THIS IS NOW FIXED! Spammers have been banned and new anti-spam measures have been put in place. See the related article below.

This is truly a sad day, but the SPAM in our forums has gotten so out of control that we have set all of the forums to read-only mode. You can still search and view all topics and posts, but you won’t be able to submit or reply to posts.

For now, all EXISTING registered users are still able to post comments on news articles and in the PDA Guides. All new site members will have their comments moderated until we feel they should be allowed to comment without moderation.

We will be looking into ways that we can combat this SPAM and hope to be able to bring the forums back online for all registered users in the future.Our new website, http://xtremelysocial.com uses the built-in anti-SPAM features in WordPress. We’d love to migrate PalmZone.net to WordPress, but we just don’t know if there is enough demand for the site.